zondag 18 augustus 2019

First Polish village house

Since I only have some paper Russian buildings for my fledgling early WWII FoW in 1/72 plastics, I decided to mark a start with some Polish scenery.

I came across this 1916 pic of a Polish hovel, and figured it would b a good start.

That resulted in this first paper mock-ip, not very good, but gave me a feel of the project.

After making some structural changes, and fiddling the dimensions a bit, that led to this styrene base model.

As usual, a lot of coffee stirrers met with an untimely end.

All the cladding done.

The chimney was donated by the Jacksonville, Florida, Best Western, where they had the odd idea it was a pen.

I noticed that many Eastern European houses have a layered-looking thatch, so I did that with slightly overlapping strips of towel, hoping it would come out well in the color wash. As you can see, I also primed the woodwork.

And the final result. I'm quite pleased with it, good start for a village, I think. Easy project, took less than a week to do, bit of time every evening.

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