zondag 7 juli 2019

My first Bolt Action game.

I know one isn't supposed to beat Buddhist monks, buut this one was asking for it.
Lars Schieving invited me over for a game of Bolt Action, my first ever, a small scale infantry do.
The first pic shows the start of the game. I played the Americans, Lars the Germans. Behind the farm house bottom left you see my tactical reserve, which didn't see any action besides being used for target practice.

The second pic shows the height of the game, after I eradicated that pesky German section which had been sniping at my left flank. My tactical reserve now found themselves behind a clump of trees.

The final pic shows the end. Lars' SdKfz 251 had surprised my center, and decimated my reserve squad. Luckily, that also exposed the Hanomag's flank to my .30.
I love the smell of burning Hanomags in the morning.
With only three figures left, Lars Schieving decided to throw in the towel.
It was a small game, nice introduction to the system, with enough randomness to keep it interesting.
Thanks for the invitation, and yes, I'll gladly beat you again.

donderdag 4 juli 2019


Since last week it was topo hot too paint and finish the A-frame building, I started on another addition to my Medieval/fantasy hamlet: a sheepkote ('schaapskooi' in the King's Dutch.)

Actually, since buildings like these are still in use, it's actually is suitable for any period from the Dark Ages till present.

The first set-up of the walls:

And the roof, to lend it its characteristic shape.

The walls clad with coffee stirrers. Please note I only used proper Medieval style coffee stirrers.

Beginning to take shape.

The walls primed

A late towel roof thatching.

The final result. Again, I went with an older weathered look.

Larger Medieval/fantasy A-frame house

Since I already have a few small A-frame huts, and now a few farm houses, I thought it might be nice to have an in-between building, a small A-frame farm, with hay loft.

The rough build, as usual (for me at least) styrene and coffee stirrers.

Daub added (sand in wet paint), the woodwork primed.

An innocent towel was slaughtered for the thatch.

Since the previous buildings are rather dark brown, I decided to go with another colour scheme, for an older and more weathered building.

maandag 10 juni 2019

More early war 1/72 plastic Soviets

Good progress on my early war Soviets. Here you see the now completed bataillon command plus a few extras, the infantry company command and two infantry platoons, the third one still stuck in the painting queue somewhere.

vrijdag 31 mei 2019

Second Medieval/Fantasy farm house

Well, actually the first one, since I built the styrene version years ago, probably in 2004.

Added timbers, and daub. Here the timbers were primed and the daub painted.

Another cheap towel sacrificed. 

After a brown wash and some touching up I'm calling it finished.

zaterdag 25 mei 2019

FoW Soviet HMG company

Finished another FoW in 1/72 plastics unit - this time an Early War Soviet HMG company.
Front row: no less than 9 HMG bases - no such thing as too many Maxims.
Second row: supporting infantry.
Safely at the rear: the company command plus the kommissar to make sure everybody points the right way.

dinsdag 21 mei 2019

FoW dug-in markers

The other day I finished the first dug-in markers for my 1/72 FoW troops.
Now I'm cutting some more styrene strips, so I have a use for the leftover sand/glue mix after I've dressed up some bases.
The troops that volunteered here are early war Soviets.