dinsdag 14 mei 2019

Nordic/Medieval/Fantasy farm house

The other day, I finished a Nordic/Medieval/Fantasy model farm house.

It all started very simple with some A-frames, out of 4mm "beams":

Next were the walls, styrene with coffee stirrers.

Sand/PVA mix added, to simulated daub:

First build:

and primed:

The daub bits got their first paint job:

Roof added, .3mm styrene. Since the roof is far from straight, I had to work with several smaller sheets. 

A cheap towel became the roof thatching. Also, the grey of the half-timbered beams were redone in grey.

The same, after a brown wash.

Base made, with a sand/diluted PVA mix on styrene.

And the finished farm house.

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